Pyronix Indoor WiFi HD Cube Camera with PIR

Pyronix Indoor WiFi HD Cube Camera with PIR

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Pyronix Indoor WiFi HD Cube Camera with PIR

Pyronix Pyronix

Full HD 2MP Resolution
2.8 or 4mm lens
10m IR range
Support 128GB SD card
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Pyronix Wireless HD Cube Camera
The compact Pyronix WiFI cube camera takes your Pyronix alarm system to the next level by enabling access to live HD video and recorded images that can be used for visual verification of active alarms or just checking things at home while your away.


Easy Installation

The cube camera simply connects to your home WiFi and can then be accessed while at home or away using the same HomeControl+ app used for the Pyronix alarm system. 

Powering the camera requires an optional 12 volt power supply or POE source.

Two Way Audio

The camera features a high quality built-in speaker and microphone which allows you to listen in and talk back easily using the app.



Choice of 2 lenses

The cube camera is available with either an ultra wide 2.8mm lens or a wide 4mm lens. The 2.8mm lens will give wall to wall coverage in even small rooms where as the 4mm lens will provide better detail for objects further away.

Advanced Features

The Pyronix cube camera comes enabled with several advanced features including infrared LED's that can illuminate a room up to 10m in complete darknes, a built-in PIR sensor for accurate motion detection without false alarms and wide dynamic range for clear images in difficult lighting conditions.


Key features

Full HD live video and recorded images
On-board storage supported up to 128GB
Easy WiFi installation
Ultra wide 2.8mm lens for wall to wall coverage
Two way audio
10 meter infrared illumination

Requires a 12v or